Online Exam Software are the best option over the traditional pen-paper test. The administrator has maximum control over the exams and can conduct robust and hassle-free examinations.

1. Easy to create question papers

Conduct Exam offers an easy way to add/import different types of questions from word and excel formats like Multiple choices, Multiple choice with multiple answers, Fill in the blanks, True & False, Essay, Matrix Match, Match the following, etc.

Images, Formulas, and Videos can also be uploaded. You can develop your own question bank and questions can be added under different subjects, lessons and sub lessons.

Conduct Exam also supports questions in multiple languages like English, Hindi, Gujarati, etc.

Also the administrator can develop a Question Bank. Question Bank module is a repository for questions. Test authors can create, store and manage one or many question banks.

Question banks can by organized by subject, objective, level of difficulty, grade and question type – any classification system they choose.

2. Assign/Sell the test

The Administrator can assign the test to the selected users.

The test can also be sold online by integrating it with a third party secured online payment gateway. The administrator can get detailed report of the sales and manage them easily.

News, study materials and videos can also be shared with users and you can also view the details of users who have registered themselves from the web and mobile app. Also you can send email/notifications to the students.

3. Randomization/Shuffling

Conduct exam offers the most valuable features of test paper randomization.

Option of random/shuffle questions and options are also available in test settings. Test can also be created in multiple languages.

The randomization functions of the software allow administrators to produce multiple versions of the same test for practice purposes, and to generate continually changing exams in order to make cheating more difficult. Preview/Export test option is also available.

Option of adding test instructions are also provided which guides the user before attempting the online test.

The question banks can be used to group questions based on subject, difficulty, and question type.

In addition, randomization features can be customized based on the audience and type of test involved, as well as for the specific test environment, allowing administrators to use different randomization settings for proctored tests, lab-based, and home-based settings.

This can be particularly useful when looking to prevent cheating in assessments.

4. Analyze the performance

One of the most advantageous reasons for using ConductExam testing software is that it provides analytics/reports that are highly reliable and robust.

As an administrator, you can view/export different types of reports for the conducted online test and can analyze the performance of the users.

Detailed analytics are available for test analysis, online test series sold, student registered, etc.

Post-test reports allow administrators to analyze the data of the students.

The administrators can view the reports as per

  • Individual scores
  • Students scores by subject
  • Question and answer analysis
  • Question feedback (if user feedback is activated)

Detailed reports are inevitably the best way for an administrator to see how they might improve their assessment to next level.

5.Privacy and security of data

Backup and Data Security ConductExam Software considers the feature of security with prime importance.

The software does an incremental back-up of all data every day.

The website is hosted in a 24/7, with high-security computer servers which are hosted at a secure location that maintains multiple power feeds, fiber links, dedicated generators, and battery backup to ensure the highest level of security for your data.

All passwords are fully encrypted when stored in our system. All the data that you add is private to your account only. You can also remove your data at any time.

Administrators having the password can conveniently and safely manage and organize the exams, can add /delete subjects, questions, etc.