Assessment of any type of objective question is normally known as MCQ Test. It is a way of examining in which questions asked to have a single correct answer.MCQ Test includes true/false, multiple-choice, and matching questions. In India, education system assessment is equally significant for students as it enables them to check their understanding of the subject, to be aware of their progress, and use that awareness to adjust and advance their learning.


Normally MCQ Test includes a stem and some alternative answers. The stem is the name of the problem which is going to be solved and alternative answer are the possible options by which the educator can check the basic knowledge of a student. The student will get full marks for correct answers and students will get completely zero marks for the wrong answer. The paper setter also can put a negative mark on the wrong question. So before attempting the question with just a guess students can lose their marks. The questions may be represented with an incomplete answer, equation of some mathematical question, mathematical series, analogies, True or False based on the specific subject pattern of any particular subject domain and related to that.

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i. MCQ Test analysis each question which is more feasible.

ii. It has a high quality of reliability and individuality.

iii. They mainly focus on many subjects which are designed very quickly.

iv. The learning outcome is very focused in the context of simple and complex questions both.

v. We can get an overview of each student how much they have understood for a subject.

vi. True and False options are much opinion-oriented which by which we can check the ability of students.

vii. The progress bar shows the accuracy and understanding level of the student.

viii. It helps in learning in a very short time period.

ix. Most of the competitive exam in India follows this MCQ pattern to check the basic knowledge in a particular domain.

x. This method is helpful at any group of children, school, and college students and educators.


MCQ Test is an individual identity at any age group of students in the following way:

a. If a student has memorized a problem and he/she can’t remember all the content at a time so it is the best option for them.

b. There are online sources from where they can get the content and also may practice them.

c. MOCK test option is always there to make better practice in the exam.

d. MCQ Test is very much prominent in the context of the question so by appearing it so the paper setter finds the knowledge.


MCQ test has many advantages but it has also many cons:

i. If we count the luck factor then the student can easily guess the answer.

ii. For the descriptive type of subject it is not a good option.

iii. Educator can’t check the broader knowledge of students in case of comprehensive questions.

iv. The students cant get a scope to elaborate any answer for descriptive questions.

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Does it really help in learning?

We live in a traditional country like India. So many histories are there for building this country.

All the histories are comprehensive and descriptive. So if we normally think that the MCQ test has really a larger scope in education or does it really help in learning? The answer is YES, of course! If we see any competitive exam in India like UPSC, SSC, Rail recruitment, Forest Recruitments, Banking, and Financial sector each and every renowned sector in India first one is the Preliminary Test where the recruitment team checks the basic knowledge of a student for a particular domain. So for the parents who are concerned for their children don’t worry about this as this is one of the valuable resources for education. The self-confidence level also takes a high after appearing in this exam.

Scope and Development:

Basically, MCQ Test is developed to overcome the timing of any manual system. Apart from that in the current system, checking answer sheets after taking a test, waste the examiners time, so this application will check the correct answer and save the examiner time an effective manner and all that. All the users which are using this system don’t need to high computing knowledge and also the system will inform them while entering invalid data. The performance of the students could be fully controlled by the system administrator and they will manage all the details related to exams like details of student, examination, mark, course, paper pattern in a very effective way. One specific time slot is scheduled for the specific question and when the time slot is over the exam will be automatically stopped and the examination paper will be submitted to the paper setter and the administrator.


MCQ tests can be conducted in both the Online and Offline platforms based on the administrator. Correct answers will be automatically evaluated by the system. The quiz maker will set the questions and they give some options which are relatively closed with the specific answer. Educators can also generate the progress bar or survey report to see the overall performance of all students for a particular exam. Online Mock tests are also available on the internet. Attempting this Mock Test the students can improve their performance level. We can use multiple templates of tests, quizzes, and exercises, customize the text, add images and audio files, and export the results as HTML files. The administrator also protects the project of Quiz development by a strong password and they have also maintained a very strong security option. The MCQ test can be conducted by any regional language like Hindi, Bengali, Nepali, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telegu including the English language. Students can practice from previous year’s question papers including Mock tests.


In the MCQ Test, a teacher or examiner creates various kinds of questions and adds them to the test. Then the students receive the link to the online exam with which they can sign up and take the test. Soon after, they get the exam results.