The virtual recruiting process involves candidates and recruiters working independently, without having to interact in person. It means hiring candidates remotely. There are many online exam software that provides the feature to hire candidates virtually.  There are many benefits to working remotely, especially the ability to learn and grow professionally, which you will receive by working remotely, rather than from a job that is remote first. It gives scope for hiring candidates from all over the world. This also offers allows candidates to apply for companies and interviews remotely without going to that company physically. This saves the candidate time and money.

The candidate also knows the result of the interview once it is completed. So that candidates have an idea if they are passed or failed immediately. Offering virtual recruiting also helps in some situations when it is not possible for the candidate to come office and attend a face-to-face interview. When it comes to the mental health of an employee, it is also very important to maintain their mental health. Reducing the workload of an employee can make them feel better so that they can concentrate better on their work.

Because of the unforeseen disruption in every industry, organizations have become more aware of the importance of investing in human resources and implementing techniques to simplify talent acquisition. The use of virtual interviews has replaced in-person interviews and screening methods for candidates. Automation of work always leads the company towards growth. It is very important to adopt new technologies to stand up in this competitive world.

Remote Hiring Trends

virtual hiring

Digital hiring is becoming increasingly popular due to growing competition for quality candidates and the inefficiency of the traditional hiring process. The advent of remote hiring, as well as artificial intelligence, has opened up new tools and processes for hiring that were previously nearly impossible. Virtual hiring and AI-based hiring methods are expected to eliminate stress and make high-volume recruiting more efficient and effective.

In the midst of the pandemic, 72% of employees are working remotely permanently and 16.4% of the global workforce (in the IT sector) worked remotely before the pandemic. Workers who work remotely scored higher on a Workforce Happiness Index than those who work in an office. There are many online exam software that allows you to hire candidate virtually. Conduct Exam is also one of them. It allows you to hire candidates and take their interviews remotely.

You can conduct the online exam of hiring. The main benefit of this online software is candidates can’t cheat. No one other than the applied candidate can give the exam because this software tracks the entire hiring process. Real-time tracking of the candidate is done. This can help companies to recruit skilled and talented candidates only. In an in-person interview sometimes it happens that due to some mistakes of recruiters candidates have to suffer. Candidates may miss a big opportunity to work in that company just because of recruiters’ mistakes. But when you are using online exam software to hire candidates, the chances of happening such mistakes is decreases. Most recruiters’ workload decreases by using online exam software.

Benefits of Online exam Software in virtual hiring?

  • Reduce your workload
  • Increasing hiring opportunities
  • Achieving accuracy
  • An Overview of Applicants
  • Auto Results

Reduce your workload

Online exam software in virtual hiring reduces recruiters’ workload. Because when recruiters do the hiring process then there are lots of things they have to do. For eg. Analyzing candidates’ Curriculum vitae, Filling in candidates’ details manually, preparing interview questions for them, arranging an interview session according to their mutual time, interview checking the answer of the interview question paper, and finally giving an appropriate result of a particular candidate, create a report on it. This thing takes lots of time for a recruiter to do manually.

But when they use online exam software then this time of recruiters is saved. Online exam software allows recruiters to create question papers once and let them be for every candidate. It also keeps the candidates’ data safe for the future. Online exam software allows recruiters to take interviews remotely. So the candidate doesn’t have to come to the office physically.

Increasing Hiring Opportunities

Hiring candidates from every city or nationwide is the wish of every company. But when a company hires candidates offline or in-person then this may not be possible because it is not possible for every candidate to reach at interview point physically. Maybe they are far away from the office and have to travel from one city to other. This narrows the company’s growth and prevents companies to hire a candidate from other cities. Companies miss lots of talented and skilled candidates just because of this.

Online exam software removed this disadvantage for companies and allows them to hire the right candidates from all over the world. It gives freedom to companies and job seekers also. Candidates can apply for the job from anywhere in the world. They can give interviews online from their own place. Another benefit candidates can access is that candidate can get immediate results. This increases hiring opportunities for the companies.

Achieving Accuracy

Accuracy in any work is more important. Because one mistake also can cause some serious effects.

Mistakes in hiring candidates can lead the company to miss skilled and talented candidates. Hiring managers are also humans and it’s obvious for humans to do mistakes. So to overcome these problems online exam software is introduced. This software allows hiring managers of the company to hire candidates from all over the world virtually. This software also reduces the efforts of hiring managers.

This software is designed in such a way that hiring managers only have to fill in candidates’ basic details in software and this software does the remaining hiring process automatically. It analyzes the CV of the candidate. Take an interview virtually and at last, it gives an accurate report on it. Generates results of candidate’s interview exam. This can reduce the chances of mistakes to hire the candidate.

An Overview of Applicants

Preserving applicants’ data is also that much important for the company. But when the hiring manager does it manually then it needs lots of storage and also consumes more time. Online exam software provides this feature to preserve applicants’ data for a long time. We cannot predict where this data will useful for the company. In case the company calls them a second time also after some time. At that time this data will be very useful. The hiring manager will get an idea of the candidate from this stored data. The hiring manager uses this information if the candidate gets selected. Hiring managers do not need to ask the candidate for the information.

Auto-Generated Results

If the company does not use online software for remote hiring then it is very difficult for the company and it set some limitations for the company to hire candidates. It also consumes more time to handle the data of every candidate. While using this results are generated automatically after the virtual interview. The main benefit of this feature is the candidate and recruiters get accurate results for a particular candidate. It also saves the hiring manager’s time. Online exam software analyzes the test given by the candidate. The candidate gets the results of the interview immediately.

The immediate result can give an idea to the candidate and they don’t have to wait for long. such kind of online exam software also reduces the chances of mistakes done while hiring candidates. Decreases the efforts of the hiring manager as it auto-generates the results of the candidate’s performance and also reports based on results.

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We have discussed little that how online exam software will help in virtual hiring. At last, we have seen that virtual hiring is easier than in-person hiring. It saves time and lots of physical effort. It also affects mentally to keep employees’ mental state free to take other decisions at the company. The employee feels better when they are stress-free and can concentrate well on their work.

Online exam software provides us with many features which we can use in our hiring process. So the company’s progress is becoming infinite and reaching more candidates who are job seekers. This can make the company available globally. Now after covid, many IT companies allowed their employees to WFH (Work From Home). Work from home gives freedom to employees to work from their place. This leads the company to more growth because every company’s growth depends on its employees.

If employees are happy so they can give their 100% to their work. But if the employee is not happy then this takes many companies to decrease the growth graph. So the company has to adopt technology and help their employees to work smartly because smart work is always better than hard work.