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Online test series is very beneficial for the students to evaluate their preparation for the final exams. Online test series can be conducted effectively through online exam software.

The students can get unlimited practice with adequate questions.

Online test series provides the students to practice with an advanced to the easy level of questions. It is more beneficial for the coaching institutes to provide training for competitive exams like IIT, JEE, NEET, GATE, CAT, MAT.

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Moreover, the students will be provided graphical analysis of their progress and cumulative scorecard. Comprehensive comparative analysis like score, rank, percentile, topic-wise performance analysis can be generated online. Student`s progress reports can be generated at any point in time.

The exam administrator can provide a question bank with an advanced difficulty level of questions. It can be used in corporate sectors, recruitment companies, universities or colleges. how to manage online test series for neet

It is necessary to decide the difficulty level of questions. With the use of question paper generator software like conduct exam.

The software permits to increase difficulty level in questions like multiple choice, single choice, fill in the blanks, true-false, match a with b, matrix match, descriptive question.

When exam admin creates a question bank, each question can be graded on difficulty level scale 1 to 5 with 1 as an easy question and 5 as the most difficult one.

On the other hand, mock papers can have only questions with a difficulty level of 1 or 2. The difficulty level can be gradually increased so the student ‘s confidence level will increase step by step.

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The item difficulty index helps to decide the advanced difficulty level of questions. The item difficulty index is often called the P-value because it is a measure of proportion. The P-value measures how easy or difficult a question is by deciding the proportion of students who got it right or wrong. The P-value indicates the difficulty level of each question. The exam admin can generate a P-value report for every test. The P-value report guides to analyze and optimize the quality of tests. A low P-value indicates that a low percentage of students answered the question correctly. It means that the question is difficult. A high P-value indicates that a high percentage of students answered the question correctly. It means that the question is very easy.

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Apart from this, we can have additional points which will help us to conduct online test series with an advanced difficulty level of questions.

Multiple topics: If a question consists of multiple topics, it would be relatively hard to answer than an understanding of one topic only.

Previous calculation: Questions that requires previous calculation would be more difficult than the ones which have independent sections.

Formula: It is a very difficult question that requires recalling of a number of formulas.

Relative answers: In multiple-choice questions, more closely related answers examinee have, the more difficult answer would be.