Schools and institutes have difficulties taking physical exams. One of the best solutions for every educational system is to take tests online.

Online exam software arranges an online test, through which an institute or school takes an online test. Institute, universities, and colleges are taking online tests. Every student is given a test online. Online exams are arranged by corporations, governments, coaching centres, and other leading organizations. After giving the online test, it displays the results of your performance.

There are various facilities for taking exams. You take an exam with multiple-choice questions, simple questions, fill the blanks, single choice, matrix match, descriptive(Text, attachment & URL based test), match the following, etc. Also, students get results online and show the result on the dashboard.

Many educational institutions use online examination software. Examiners save their time by making question papers because the system automatically generates the questions, reduces the traveling time, and the system auto-generates the results of the test.

How Online examination system works? 

An online exam is also known as an e-exam. This is the best way to take tests online. You attempt online tests from wherever and anytime.

While organizing an online exam, the main thing is to arrange the schedule of the test. The online test systems provide the facility for scheduling.

This software manages the schedule for taking the exam. Arrange the time and date for the exam. Making a proper timetable and managing it is a very important part of the test. Schedule of exams managed by the online examination software.

Online test software generates questions automatically. It is an innovative online examination software that includes a large number of software applications for web-based tests, offline tests, computer-based tests, and many more.

The main benefit of an online exam is that it conducts a paperless exam and also gets instant results. In all our world, there are many types of institutes that use this type of software. It follows the pattern of exams for banks, SSC, railways, UPSC, GATE, CTET, JEE, NDA, SSB, etc. This type of test helps you prepare for exams.

The online test software is also a time-saver because this type of software defines the time and date of the exam! Also, it has the facility for auto answer checkers. So the institute saves time from announcing the results.

Online Exam software also helps the various institutes, companies, schools, colleges, and coaching centers to conduct unlimited tests where a large number of exams are held at their centers without any internet connectivity. It’s also helpful for offline exams to conduct computer-based tests in areas where there is no internet connection available.

 Various Types of online examinations 

The education system organized various types of exams. But nowadays, taking exams online. Through this software, you can also arrange term exams online.

Schools and colleges arrange various tests, like quarter-term, mid-term, final-term tests, etc. So, the online test system helps to arrange the subject-wise schedule online.

There are various ways to take exams online. An online examination software provides MCQ, True-false, simple text question-answer, visual question-answer, and many more. As per the examiner’s requirements, they select the format for question-answer.

The online exam system also provides the lessons, subject-wise materials, notifications, etc facilities.

Is an online examination system simple?

Do you think handling the Online examination system is too difficult?

The answer is “NO”. This system is very easy to handle. Every education department, like coaching centres, schools, colleges, institutes, etc provides online tests. They are using software for online examinations.

This software is not complicated. We can easily handle an online test. Also, you can manage the student list, test levels, and be free from making questions.

Education institutes earn by the online exam software. They can sell materials, videos, and question papers with the online test software.

The online examination software is making the gateway toward the leading edge. ConductExam always works for you to offer the best online exam software for you.

Online exam software by ConductExam 

ConductExam introduces the online conduct test software. It provides the best way to arrange an online test with the help of our software. Our experienced software engineers have built the prime online exam software for different educational institutes. We provide the facility for web applications or mobile applications through the examiner to create various types of tests.

Educational institutes very easily organize web-based tests, offline tests, computer-based tests, centre-based exams, and many more. There is a format for the quotations like multiple-choice questions, multiple choices with multiple answers, fill in the blanks, True & False, Essay, Matrix Match, Match the following, etc. Also, our software provides a facility for institutes that add subjects, lessons, study materials, and sub lessons.

Also, it supports questions in many different languages, like Gujarati, Hindi, English, etc. So institutes take the exams in their needed languages.

Educational institutes are mostly worried about making physical test papers. We create the solution to this problem. Our software automatically generates the questions and also has the facility for auto-checking answers and auto-creating the results of the test. These types of various features are available.

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Features of online examination software by ConductExam 

ConductExam gives the solution to the online exam. Here are some key features. In which you can make a scene in many ways, where online examination software is useful.

1. Automated:

The Online Test System is fully automated and works by itself. Start to end all the processes done by the software. It manages the schedule of the exam. It maintains the schedule for the exam.

2. Quick Result Processing:

Students get results quickly. The results are generated by the system. After the exam, the results appear on the dashboard. Help to display a fair result. As the admin, you have a facility to share the result manually and instantly.

3. Low manpower:

The traditional exam needs all types of stationeries, staff for monitoring exams, time for making question papers, etc. Now we have online examination software which is a solution for minimizing the workflow.

 4. Various Test:

Many ways you can arrange the test like the subjective test, objective tests, visual test, Multiple choice questions-answers, Multiple choices with multiple answers, Fill in the blanks, True & False, Essay, Match the following, etc.

5. Study material & Videos:

Online Exam software provides a facility to upload study materials, videos, images, ppt, pdf files, document files, excel files, etc. Through which they easily provide the material to the students.

6. Random Test:

This is the latest technique which was introduced by us. A Random test is a technique that helps to stop cheating during exams. Examination software selects the questions randomly.

7. Notification:

Students are able to get notifications when new study materials, test timetables, tests, results, etc are published. You automatically get a notification when something new is published.

8. Various Pattern:

We provide a system that has different patterns for taking exams. Our software also provides the Bank, SSC, Railways, UPSC, IIT-JEE, GATE, CTET, JEE, NEET, NDA, SSB, CAT, and other competitive exams.

9. Manage user:

The Database of Online examination software stores a number of users. In some cases, you have to manage the users, like adding new, deleting old, or updating the users. Our online examination system allows you to manage the users.

10. Security & Privacy:

Everyone wants security for their data. We provide secure software for online exams. Our software has features to keep data private and secure. Your data is stored in your account database. You can easily remove data from your database.

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The Online Exam Software is specially designed for online studying. As we know, modern ways of studying attract students. The online test system is used by various educational institutes like corporations, governments, coaching centres, schools, colleges, etc.

The online examination system is very friendly. There are only a few steps you have to follow and you are easily able to arrange an online exam and the questions for the test are easily generated by the software. And different patterns for taking an exam. Also, online exams attract students with audio tests, video tests, etc. It also provides the facility to download the uploaded documents.