When examiner decided to take exams, it is essential to know about how the online examination software system works. These small outline briefs on the working of the online exam system.

Online examination software is a platform to conduct exam online where examiner creates an account in exam software and creates tests and upload them for examination.

Examiner also chooses multiple choice question or subjective type question format. How Online Exam System Works

Choose User-Friendly Online Exam System

First of all, choose online exam software. Search online exam software over the internet, and view the different kinds of online examination software.

Choose user-friendly and cost-effective exam software as per your budget.

Set up an Online Exam System:

Follow these easy steps to set up an examination. As an examiner first, login in the examination system. Add subject of exam like maths, GK etc.

Exam software has mainly two types of question Multiple choice question subjective type question.

Examiner able to choose any type of question format then add topics and at last, the examiner can add a solution which is not visible during exam time but examines can view after completion of the examination and get a solution and solve the queries.

Test Series:

Test series are available in two formats. Web-based (conduct exam online)and desktop based (conduct exam in offline -without internet connectivity). Examiners can choose any one of them.

Test series includes more than one tests among a package of tests. In the online exam, the system administrator is able to choose test series which are free and paid.

The main purpose of a paid test series is to sell/buy test series. Any other examinees want to give exam then, they can buy these test series by various payment gateway.

Track Result Analysis:

After completion of the exam, examiner able to see the progress report of the examine and know the flow of scores and resultant outcome. Exam system provides a graphical overview to track examine progress. Resultant outcome decide the success flow of examinee.