Online Test Series Software

Nowadays, E-exam software evolution has changed the traditional method of examination. Online exam software is very useful for teachers, trainers, coach or recruiters.

It is more beneficial for the coaching institutes providing training for competitive exams like IIT, JEE, AIIMS, GATE, CAT, MAT, etc. It just simplifies the whole exam process.

There are so many online exam/ E-exam software in the market. But the question is how to choose the best E-exam software, what is a good fit for our requirements? And what features should be expected?

The answer is, it totally depends on the budget of the institute, requirement, learning and training needs. However, there are some silent features which help to choose the best online test series software. They are mentioned below.

Advantage of online test software

Easy to access

Accessibility is the main concern to conduct online exam. E-exam software should be easily accessible for both administrator and students.

The basic process like registration and login should be done from any place using only a computer and an internet connection.

Easy to create exams

Clear instructions are necessary to create and take exams. Test creation steps should be well explained on the software’s website. Relative videos and FAQs will help a lot.

The software should provide exam variables like the number of questions, total marks, sections, passing marks, time limit, etc. It should provide a full control panel to create and manage test series as per requirement.

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Scalability is a main part of the exam. E-exam software must have a robust server structure that can support scalability and high response time.

The auto-save feature should be provided so that as soon a candidate answers a question it is saved.


To prevent cheating is the most difficult task for any educational institute. Sometimes students are trying to cheat for the desired result.

E-exam software should not allow cheating attempts. Students should have the facility to take tests by using a link or log in.

Test link must have a PIN consisting of random letters and alphabets which the student has to input to activate the test. This is the right ensuring of valid test and authorized candidate.

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There must be good client support by software providers. They should maintain the software up to date and compatible.

There should be proper training before using online test series software. Conduct Exam provides 24/7 email and phone support.

The support team is always capable to answer the undying efforts of the test creators.


There should be a facility for a free trial version that will allow us to use the software free of cost. When we are willing to use an advanced feature, then we can pay for it. This way we can select features as per our need.

Conduct Exam provides flexible pricing i.e. pay as you go. It offers an integrated package of software applications for online web-based test, offline exams, centre-based test, computer-based test and many more.

Variety of questions

The software should provide different exam patterns and a variety of questions according to user requirements. The software should have MCQ, objective questions, essay type questions, skills-based questions, simulation questions as well as personality tests, etc.


E-exam software should be very user-friendly and very responsive, so every student understands its platform when they use it. It can run smoothly on all devices like PC, mobile or tablet. Online exam software also has synchronization of test on web and mobile/tablet hosted on cloud servers.

We hope, these guidelines surely help to buy the best online exam software for school/colleges and other educational centers. Take a better decision for educational evaluation.