Nowadays it has become a necessary thing for any institute or coaching to get whole education online, because even children of very small age group uses internet very efficiently. So more preferably parents would advice their child to use internet and phone to learn some new skills and use device for their study purpose and not to use them only as source of entertainment. Thus those institutes and coaching which will remain efficient enough to get their education online and make it available to students and parents available handy would be able to serve more number of students and satisfy more parents by their services.


Online Exams basically means exams that are conducted on computer that is no pen and paper exams. These exams are now widely adopted not only by private institutes and coaching center but also by the government as well. Many exams that are related to computer education conducted by government for government servants are taken online. Thus taking exams on computers is simply know as Online Examinations.


In Online Examinations, person appearing for exam is isolated from other students with a computer and all the questions appears on the screen one after the other. Generally these type of exams are MCQ based that is Multiple Choice Questions. Questions are provided online and answers are also submitted online to designated website and auto-checked by the system.

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Online Exams are as similar as offline exams in terms of eligibility. As both of them are exams just having different mode of applicability. Their is no specific eligibility criteria for online exams specifically. Every exam has their own criteria and terms and conditions for appearing into the exam. Taking exams online is just a mode of taking exam.


Online Exams increases the quality of examination process up to some extent. Pen and paper system requires lot of human resource to handle whole process of exam, checking papers and then preparing report cards of all students appearing for exams. Online Exams makes all these tasks bit more easier and manageable for people handling and conducting the exams. Firstly it do not require any physical resources like pen and paper, checking of answers is all automatized that is report card generation is all handled by the computers and that reduces human labor upto a big extent.

For conventional exams people conducting the exam need to print copies of question papers, distribute it among people appearing for exams, supervise the people whenever the exams are being taken, collect those answer sheets, manage those answer sheets, check every answer sheet one after the other, rank people according to the marks and prepare report cards for everyone. All this might seem simple here but overall management becomes very tough when it comes to large number of people appearing for exam suppose in any government exam.

In any kind of government exams number of applicants are in lakhs and for this big number of mass, managing offline exams and keeping track of it is next to impossible. Thus it has became mandatory for government also to adapt the online examination process for evaluating people applying for government servant jobs. These jobs would further have one to one personal interview and that can not be handled by computers. Thus their it becomes necessary to be managed by human but first level for entrance exam can be made online. And this is what government has adapted in many of their examination processes as well.

Now let us summarize whole thing as their are lot many solutions that can be provided by Online Examination Software. Below are benefits listed point wise of Online Examination SoftwareOnline Examination Software one after the another.

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  1. . Question paper generation is very easy for people who are conducting exam. As this software provides automatic paper generation features.
  2. Questions are randomly arranged and hence their are very less chances of student cheating during exams.
  3. Answers are checked automatically by computers and hence it reduces human work.
  4. Results are also generated automatically. Thus this helps maintaining results and records of very large number of exam applicants.
  5. These kind of exams are more manageable. Hence these exams are widely adapted by government as well.
  6. Results are generated online and that too automatically. So if anyone want to check their results from any corner of the world it would remain available to them on internet. Thus results remain remotely available every exam applicant.
  7. Probability of mistakes becomes very less. As paper checking and result generation is done online, their are no chances of manual mistakes.
  8. . Results for particular exams can be kept safely for longer period of time. And when we see it into offline exams, it requires very good management to retain results of people who have passed same exam years back. Thus keeping records becomes easy.
  9. Man force required by the institute or coaching or government, who are conducting exams decreases upto very big extent. They need not to recruit many people for many tasks as many of them are done automatically.