Examination Management System

ConductExam software specifically developed to cover the in-depth functionality of online exam for educational centers such as school/ colleges, coaching, and training institutes.

Exam management software reduces manpower by its automated tasks. Online exam software has online applications and software as per user preference.

One can manage different examination types with conduct exam software and also it enables you to conduct various types of exams, including weekly or monthly test, certificate test, eligibility test and many more.

An examiner can also conduct exams for specific examinee groups. And it has been designed to make the examination processes easier and paper less. Our examination portal helps you to automate the entire examination process from creation of test papers and grading criteria.

Quick result analysis reports

Faculty and examiner can view the analysis report of examinees. They also view a graphical representation of examinee’s grade history and current grade. They can compare the scores of examination.

Manage examination schedule

Conductexam’s exam management software allows you to build examination schedules for upcoming exam’s updates, study materials, and other notification, this software is the best fit for the examination management software criteria.


This examination management software is developed to manage access permissions for different users for different authenticity to prevent of illegal activity of official data records.

Our web-based online exam software management software also takes into account practical exams for different subjects and gives the option to define whether the exam results will be shown as marks or grades.