As the world I going digital, most of the educational institutes are now conducting exams with the digital platform because the traditional pen-paper method becomes lengthy for educational centers and boring for students. Many institutes, coaching centres, colleges, university and also corporate sector are using online/offline test software for taking exams.

Differences Between Online and Offline Test

Mainly there are two test platforms: offline and online.

Offline test platform works without internet when online test platform requires an internet connection at all times.

Both of them have their own pros and cons regarding practice, internet connection, time and place condition, result process and cost.

To choose any test platform, it is necessary to understand real differences between them and of course your needs so let’s see what are the differences between online and offline test platforms?

Differences between online and offline test platforms:

Time and place condition

Online test software provides full freedom to online exam software at any point of time. Students can choose the desired time slot. They can give the online test any place where they have the necessary equipment. Moreover, in online test platform data entered on all devices are synchronized and saved in real time to the cloud. Online test platform permits multiple users to share and modify exam content at the same time. While in the offline test platform, only one user can access the information individually at a time.

In an offline test platform, the flexibility of time and place is limited, while the online test gives you an opportunity to improve your exam performance at home itself. Offline test platform provides timed and untimed tests option.


Online tests software is suitable for those whose aim is only to conduct an exam, not coaching or practice.

‘Practice makes a man perfect’. The offline test allows students to practice unlimited tests. It is more beneficial for the coaching institutes providing training for competitive exams like IIT, JEE, AIIMS, PMT, GATE, CAT, MAT.

Internet connection

In remote areas, the online test platform is not suitable because of poor internet connectivity. If the users have an internet connection facility, they will have the flexibility to give the test at any time and from anywhere.

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In an offline test, students can take tests without an internet connection. Students can give tests several times because of no need for internet.

Result process

Online test software provides very fast result after the exam. The result is generated automatically after completion of the test. Students can see the result online on their screen. While offline computer-based test software provides a full solution and results in an analysis of the attempted test. The students also get detailed graphical reporting as well as comparative analysis.

Online Exam Software Demo


To provide good internet connectivity to all the students is very expensive and not possible for every time and everywhere.

Before conduct offline exam, every system must be fully installed with offline test software. If you want to take the test offline, the computer system set up will be required for all the students at the same time.