Conducting an exam for an institution has never been easy. Educators are trying to replace the traditional paper assessment with an online equivalent in an attempt to save paper and simplify the process for teachers and professors.

Online Exam Software aims to be a powerful tool for eLearning and online education. ConductExam is an innovative and robust web based online exam software which helps Educational Institutions, Corporate, Government and other Leading organizations to conduct online assessments and surveys with ease.

The software is build for managing and creating quiz, question papers and examinations in any language.

Steps to Create Exams using Online Exam Software and Mobile Apps

Mobiles and Smart phones provide a better and more engaging way of imparting education. The number of mobile users, today, is greater than the number of desktop users! With ConductExam online examination software you can build your exams with following few simple steps.

1. Creating and Managing Questions

Establish the question bank – a database of questions covering a variety of subjects. This is the best way to create and manage questions.

The admin or the examiner will have to prepare the list of subjective or objective questions that the candidates will answer during the exam.

The administrator can randomly select and arrange questions during the exam to prevent copying among candidates. There are six different types question with customizable answer choices available with ConductExam.

  • You can create and set the topics where that question belongs.
  • You can set the difficulty levels.
  • You can set question time limits.
  • You can modify how many points each question is worth.
  • You can modify the scenario, question, answer choices, explanation, and reference.

2. Defining the Exam Type and Creating the Test

Set up the structure of the exam, the type of exam to be conducted, add the total number of questions in each section to be answered by the candidate.

Name the exam, a description, a minimum passing grade, a navigation mode, a time limit, a maximum number of test attempts, availability time, notifications (either e-mail or text/SMS), and proper test mode.

The administrator can add subjective and objective questions upload pictures and videos in the exam and one can add questions in multiple languages.

3. Adding and Managing Users

Set up the exam with the use of online examination software. Allow the access to the candidates. As the administrator, you determine whether a user can take test that you created in this software.

They can login using username and password. So only authorized employees and candidate can have access to the test without the need of a software or hardware. They can give the test from anywhere at anytime and the results are declared immediately.

4. Publish the test to appear for the examination

Before publishing the test, give the login information to each associated individual users, so only they can access the system.
You have just the select the test from the list and click “publish” button to publish the test. Publish the test using ConductExam and allow the users to access for the same.

5. Analyzing and Reporting Test Results

With Conduct Exam software the results are generated instantly and accurately. Real Time Results Analysis by graphs and detailed topic wise report.

Users can compare their performance through different reports like test analysis, time taken on each question/topic/section, comparison with topper, question wise solution & explanation, etc. User can check the attempted, left, right, wrong questions and find out their strong as well as weak areas of performance.

Online Examination System allows the students to get the insight about the whole class or a group of student for the subject / topics of the given exam. The software simplifies the way students practice and improve their scores on important entrance exams.