With the rising trends in the Education system, Online Exam Software is becoming one of the most effective and easy solutions for conducting tests for students.

Online test maker allows teachers to create each question using different determinants.

ConductExam software offers an easy test maker to generate the test, share the test and analyze the test automatically.

1. ConductExam Test Maker

With lots of test maker available online, it is more difficult to choose the right test maker to design a test.

The ConductExam software provides you with an easy interface that is optimized to save time and generate test easily and quickly.

It comes with new features designed to give users great flexibility and delightful experience. You can make an online quiz using existing templates or create your own.

  • Great usability
  • Easy interface

2. Create a Test

Creating exams has never been easier. With ConductExam test maker, you are now ready to create a test.

Create the test the way you want. It is good if you have your questions written down in order to save your time thinking about what to write. Open the test maker software and start typing the questions.

With the ConductExam software:

  • Add/import different types of questions from word and excel formats like
  • Multiple choice,
  • Multiple choice with multiple answers,
  • Fill in the blanks,
  • True & False,
  • Essay,
  • Matrix Match,
  • Match the following, etc.
  • Images, Formulas and Videos can also be uploaded.
  • Conduct Exam also supports questions in multiple languages like English, Hindi, Gujarati, etc.
  • You can copy a question from one test to another, anywhere, anytime.

You can develop your own question bank and questions can be added under different subjects, lessons and sub lessons.

3. Publish the test

After creating the test, Publish your test with our Online exam software ConductExam.

This will make your quiz available to the public. In this way, authorized employees and candidate can have access to the test.

Additional Features:

  • Deliver secure exams
  • Send Test link via email
  • Brand your Test pages
  • Give public or private access
  • Sell quizzes online