We’re all incredibly proud of what we accomplished at Conduct Exam in 2018, and our latest honor has given us even more reasons to celebrate.

Online Exam Software – Conduct Exam has earned the prestigious 2018 Great User Experience Award and Rising Star Award from FinancesOnline, a popular Online Exam software review platform.

This recognition is given out annually to products that provide outstanding solutions for Online Examination.

We got 8 out of 10 review score, and 100% user satisfaction score at the time of this writing, Conduct Exam was also honored in FinancesOnline’s new list of the Top Learning Management System

In evaluating Conduct Exam for the 2018 Great User Experience Award and Rising Star Award, FinancesOnline’s team of software experts examined and compared Conduct Exam against its competitors in various scenarios.

Some of the specific criteria that their review team took into account were:

  • 1.   Student Performance Analysis
  • 2.   Automatic Results Publication
  • 3.   Online Test Series Sales
  • 4.   Third-Party Integration
  • 5.   Data Import & Export
  • 6.   Test Availability Options
  • 7.   Questions Addition & Import
  • 8.   Multiple Question Types
  • 9.   Emails & Notifications
  • 10. Results Publication Scheduling
  • 11.  User Roles Settings

According to a FinancesOnline statement released to Conduct Exam, “Experts have seen Conduct Exam’s perform impeccably for Schools, Colleges, Universities, and Educational/Coaching Institutions.

It is an absolutely necessary system for Online assesment product For Examiner.

Please visit FinancesOnline.com to post your own review for Conduct Exam, and thanks for your support through another amazing year.