Cloud computing is a rapid growth area of information technology, supporting a new wave of applications able to run on a variety of hardware devices, while infrastructure or data center remains on the cloud.

Cloud Computing is Internet-based computing, where different services such as servers, storage and applications are delivered to an organization’s computers and devices through the Internet.

Cloud computing provides a flexible, convenient and affordable way to remotely distribute processing and data.

A major advantage of cloud-based technology for the e-learning is the reduction in operating costs.

With cloud computing, the end user usually pays only for the resource they use and so avoids the inefficiencies and expense of any unused capacity.

For Cloud-based application; the entire world is open to that application via the Internet without any installations of additional software.

Another advantage of cloud computing is high-security hosting.

The security is one of the major criteria for Online Exam software.

All the records are there on the cloud and can be accessed by the individual anytime.

Enjoy a high level of data backup and secure access to question papers without additional IT investments with Conductexam Software.

As a cloud based service, online exam software provides enormous flexibility in managing online exams, admissions, recruitment for your organizations.

The administrators and users can access the data that they need anytime, anywhere.

The software is highly flexible and can run even on mobiles, laptops, tablets with the only requirement being a computer and Internet connection.

Conduct exam is a software as a service(SaaS) that can be accessed through the web, mobile, tablets, laptops with basic requirement of internet connections.

Also, the administrator can upload online courses, exam questions, assignments and answer keys. Send emails, notifications and share news, documents and videos on Web, Mobile, and Tablet which is accessible 24/7.

Cloud computing technology is scalable enough to handle a sudden spike in the traffic during the admission process. The universities and education institutes face high rush during the admission process.

If the online exam system is deployed on standard dedicated servers with limited capacity then it may not be able to provide seamless user experience to all the users when traffic to access your online exam is high.

It is common that during the actual examination process number of students accesses the system and system utilizes maximum processor and transactions during concurrent examination timing.

Auto scale facility of cloud environment enables to increase virtual machines automatically when more users are trying to access the website.

Online examination process can help to take this process to the automation level where human dependency can be reduced.

With Conductexam software, the end-user usually pays only for the resource they use and so avoids the inefficiencies and expense of any unused capacity.