After any training and teaching, a certificate is a vital deciding component and perfect measurement of skill or, in other words, the examiner is fulfilled in own field.

The certificate proves examiner’s ability and knowledge. Certification helps to get hired for top-level examination. Certificate keeps one present.

They can help make strong learners. They enable higher ed to more readily line up with workforce needs. They assistance foundations emerge as pioneers in the business.

When examiners got rewarded by certificates it means they reached in their examination goal that is the motivational and memorable event of the success.

Online Exams With Certificate :

Online exams software is now enabled with certificate generation to motivate examiners. Just with a single tick.

The examiners can give the test and software will automatically generate the certificate once the test is evaluated.

Create a certificate :

There are various possible outcomes with making certificates. One can generate own certificates. Admin can generate certificates.

Certificates include a name of the exam and name of the examiner. Admin can add update and view the image and content for selected certificate.

After completion of an exam, certificate generates automatically. Even student can view and download the pdf format of the certificate through analytics module.