Unity in diversity is the specialty of India. Now India is a nation with 29 states. The constitution of India has recognized 22 official languages. Multilingualism is the way of life in India. But there are 2 official languages at the national level – English and Hindi. English is limited to urban areas and within professional circles. While Hindi and other regional languages cover rural areas as well as urban. Now a day conduct online examination.

Advantage Of Conduct Online Examination System

Nowadays, most of the educational institutes are moving towards digitization in India. As a result, online exams become more popular among students.

But the medium of language is one of the main obstacles because online exams are mostly held up in English language only. Further, English is easy to understand but hard to speak for many students in different states.

In this situation, it is highly recommended that online exam should be conducted in regional languages, also.

Moreover, there are many advantages of conduct online exams by online exam software in regional languages. Let`s see…

It is always easy to understand concepts in one’ s own mother tongue. Students learn better and faster in a language which they can understand. Their depth knowledge of any particular topic can be measured easily through the native tongue.

Google`s search engine is enabled with regional languages.

There are so many websites that provide content in regional languages. Most of the internet users are seen to be spending 80% of their time on videos in Hindi and other languages.

The mobile operating system can be run on English as well as regional languages so students are using mobile for online exam preparation or they can also give exam by web based online exam software.

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It is necessary to provide multiple language options to the rural area students for the evaluation procedure. So the students of a small town can perform easily in online exam.

The proportion of exam burden can be reduced for the students who are not well versed in the English language.

That is why to conduct any state level examination it is preferred in regional languages, only.

In recent time, the online exam for professional training certificate course is to be taken with language options of English and other regional languages.

Students will have a choice of medium of the language they wish to give the exam in.

Now, students are given a language option for the national level online entrance examination.

It is necessary to ensure opportunities for candidates across all over India and enable more candidates to apply for a large number of vacancies with wider participation.

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In recent time, online exam software allows taking an exam in regional languages, also. Students get an option to select language while appearing for the exam.

For that, question paper generator software can prepare two versions of the question bank. One would be in the English language and second would be in the regional language. In this way, the online examination system can easily manage multi-language exam process.

Ultimately, online exams in regional languages are about creating a level needed the field, about creating equal opportunities for all, regardless of financial status, ethnic background or geographic location.

ConductExam provides online exam software with multiple language support.

It supports all the national languages of India and also international languages like polish, Lithuania, Spain, Hungarian. ConductExam can be also customized any languages as per user preference.