Admission season is around, Educational Institutes/Colleges are getting ready for the upcoming admission procedures.

Usually, the traditional admission procedures include filling up the admission form at the specific institute/college. The candidates have to visit the place and do the all required formalities.

With Online Exam Software, the entire process is made so easy and fast. ConductExam: Online Exam Software provides end to end solutions right from the registration of the students until the final work of publishing the results and certification.

Conduct exam software provides the next level of user-friendly and accurate services to conduct online test and offline test for mass users.

Both Web Based Online Test and Computer Based Offline Test services go well with colleges and Universities where mass users are appearing for test simultaneously.

A large number of concurrent users can take the exam simultaneously and the results can be declared immediately or on the date specified.

The data will be safe and secure. The software provides end to end solutions right from the registration of the students until the final work of publishing the result and certification.

Online Assessments

On specific day/date, the candidates can appear for the online assessments by giving online exam conducted by the institutions/Colleges.

Conduct Exam offers an easy way to create a exam by selecting the questions from the question bank and defining the date and time to make it active.

Option of random/shuffle questions and options are also available in test settings. The examiner can set exam in multiple languages.

An online assessment allows you to define weight-ages and cutoff for each section of online assessment. Based on weight ages students can be accepted or rejected for further processing.

Conduct Exam grades tests instantly and gives you access to detailed results reports and statistics making it less time consuming.


Online Examination can be made more secure the most authentic process of using user-id and password scheme.

It is a popular authentication method because passwords are key to authentication. The candidates can be assigned with user id and password to login the exams.

The other security measure is the use of web cameras.

When candidate is appearing for the exam, web camera connected to the device can take a snapshot of the candidate during random times. It will authenticate candidate.

Online Assessment can also be made location/ IP Specific where only machines with specific IP Address will be allowed to initiate the exam.