The examination process followed by the educational institute is known as the online exam process. There are various tools accessible in the digital age that can help reduce workload.

Educational institutions nowadays are willing to conduct exams virtually. The examination software is used by educational institutions to conduct online exams. Even modern-day software gives the capability of securing the exam and preventing cheating to provide an accurate result.

The exam-taker can cheat on the exam if security wasn’t in place. As a result, when the candidates receive their grades, the cheater candidate receives a better grade than the honest candidate. As a result, virtual test security is extremely important.

Even the secure test provides the candidates with an accurate result as well as satisfaction. One of the reasons for the popularity of online examination software is its security features.

Why should education institutes switch to the online exams process?

We must adapt to a new world by implementing new technologies. That is why, in the digital world, schools and institutions use software to grab students’ interest.

In addition, there are several reasons why the educational institution is willing to switch to online assessments.

Easy to evaluate a test effortlessly

When it comes to conducting tests, teachers and professors have two options. They can first set up the test in traditional ways, and then they can set up the test virtually with the use of examination software.

They must handle the classrooms, and teachers, prepare the question papers and then distribute the prepared timetable to the students in the traditional method. When a coaching institute organizes a virtual test, however, the administrative burden is decreased. Because companies may quickly generate question papers using the question bank.

Additionally, the assessment software eliminates the need for the administrator to set up the classroom. Because of the software, all of the students can take the exam from their homes. One of the reasons why institutes are willing to use assessment software to set up virtual tests is because of this.

Save time

They save a lot of time by using the virtual software admin. Because the software eliminates the need for administrators to waste time creating question papers. Additionally, the software assists administrators in creating a timetable, which they can later help them quickly distribute among candidates.

Teachers can use the auto-correction option to assess their students. Furthermore, today’s software delivers fast results after the exam is completed. The administration will save a lot of time with this method, and candidates will save time by not having to travel to the examination hall. Because the institute arranges a virtual test, the candidate can take it while sitting at home in his or her comfort zone.

Advance remote Proctoring

The importance of security or monitoring during the exam cannot be overstated. Traditional examinations require a large amount of manpower in schools and universities. As a result, the administration must assign each teacher to each classroom to monitor the exam procedure.

However, if the examination is set up virtually, a single teacher may easily monitor the activities of all exam takers to prevent cheating. The cheating ratio can be reduced using modern strategies. In addition, unlike traditional tests, the admin does not require manpower. One of the reasons for the growing popularity of the virtual test for assessing students.

Save the environment

Do you care about the environment? And you make every action to secure the environment? – Then after, you can save the papers while using the examination software. There is no need for papers because the test questions can be provided through the software. Students do not have to write the question on paper if they log in through the system; they can submit the answer through the system.

This method allows you to reduce the amount of paper you use. As a result, you may help the environment by manufacturing paper when the tree is being cut down. If the amount of paper used is reduced, the number of trees cut down is reduced as well.

Importance of security during the Online Exam Process

What if there isn’t any security accessible during the exam? – Definatalie, every student in the class is cheating on the exam. Perhaps some of them are considered to be capable of delivering the text properly. However, when the exam results are released, the cheater receives a high score, while eligible students receive a low score.

As a result, educational institutions are concentrating on exam monitoring. Students receive an accurate result as a conclusion of this method. Each student is pleased with their examination results.

The proctoring features are used by schools and colleges when they set up virtual tests. They can use this to protect the online exam process.

6 ways to make the online exam process secure

There are 6 options for educational institutions to secure an online exam process.

1. Secure browser

The children of the digital generation are extremely intelligent. They cheat on the exam by looking up the answer on the internet. They even copy the solution and paste it into the system with simplicity.

As a result, exam software includes secure browser choices. Candidates can enter another window during the exam by using this method. They only have access to the exam window when they are taking the examinations. Furthermore, they are unable to copy-paste. Virtual examination methods will be more secure as a result of this.

The system will produce warnings even if the candidates are willing to open another window. In addition, the candidates are supposed to wear the system for a short time. Candidates will be disqualified from the exam if they surpass the warning level.

2. Remote proctoring in the online exam process

The supervisor does not require virtual examination techniques to monitor the candidates’ activities. The software has a remote proctoring tool that can detect suspicious activity automatically.

There are various methods for remote proctoring that are mentioned here!

  • Image capturing

Image capturing is a type of digital proctoring that helps the educational institution in securing the exam procedure. If another person is in front of the camera, this technique can capture the image using the system. This is a technique for detecting faces. This security solution provided by students is ineffective for the majority of people.

  • Video Streaming

In addition, all activity monitoring or recording can be done with the software. It will be noted if the candidates engage in any questionable behavior. As a result, when the results are announced, the administrator has the option of deducting the candidates’ marks.

  • Screen Capturing

The online examination solution includes screen capturing as one of the remote proctoring options. The candidates’ screens can be recorded using the software. If the candidates use a different browser, the screen capturing tools are turned on, and the screen is captured.

  • Audio Proctoring

The software detects suspicious sounds with the audio proctoring tool, which helps exam takers in their exams.

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3. Data encrypted

Today’s candidates are tech-savvy, which is why they attempt to hack the question bank and gain unauthorized access to the system. Suspicious students, on the other hand, will never be able to hack the data if it is encrypted.

If the administrator wants to offer a valid result, he or she must choose the data encryption option. To put it another way, data encryption is a significant security feature. Candidates who do not decode the encoded question bank do not cheat in exams. As a result, educational institutions will be able to deliver correct findings with ease.

4. Audit logging

Audit logging is one of the strategies by which the examiner can keep track of the candidates’ logging. They even keep track of the locations where candidates are checking in. The examiner can use these tools to track unauthorized access.

Also, while sharing the authorized credential, candidates engage the support of another suspicious individual to pass the exam, and the examiner can monitor suspicious login using geotagging.

5. Authentication & Authorization based on IP

Every device is assigned a distinct IP address. As a result, IP-based login assists the administrator in providing strong security. As a result, when the institute sets up the exam, the IP address is saved.

These features allow the examiner to keep track of any suspicious activity associated with the non-registered system’s IP address. As a result, no one can sign up for the various computers. If students must register with different computers in a few cases, they must contact the administrator and explain the situation before moving on to another system.

6. Random Question

Another logical security strategy for securing virtual tests is this. They must answer the same question, but in a different order than the other applicants, thanks to the random question features.

For example, the administrator prepares ten questions, and all candidates must answer all ten questions. However, if the first candidates receive the first question during the virtual test, another applicant receives the first question at the same time, which is the second in the raw for the other candidates.

As a result, even if they sit in the same room with their system, no one can copy each other’s answers.


The accuracy of the test result depends on the test’s security. With the arrival of a new generation, all jobs become simple. As a result, education makes use of online examination software to set up virtual tests. The administrator must ensure that the online exam process is secure. Securing virtual examination becomes rather harder as compared to traditional examination processes. However, as technology advances, there are several features built into online assessment software that allows the examiner to simply secure the remote test.

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