Store Management Software

The store is an essential part of any production organization. The goal of the store is to provide the right content at the right time and in the right place. So, if you want to do all those things easy and fast way, then use store management software.

Store management software is also known as Stockroom Management Software. Private store management software helps you easily maintain the level of supply and consumption in your stores.

Use this software in departmental stores, grocery stores, general stores, retail stores, and many more. Store management software provides many facilities such as enhanced customer satisfaction, proper Control, Auto Rate Calculate, Easy & Secure Billing, Accounting Management, and more.

Store management software

Easy-to-use store management software is for small & medium-sized businesses to schedule its Purchase, Stock and Sales operations management. The software is rich in features, and one can now easily handle financial functions such as purchase/ purchase order/ purchase return, sales, sales return, stock adjustment, adding/ removing items, etc. in an accurate and faster manner. Store Management Software helps to maintain the supply and consumption level in-store and also keeps track of required items and their inventory in the storeroom.

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The software generates reports in various format as listed below

  • Party wise purchase report

  • Party wise sales report

  • Overall Stock of item report

  • Category wise stock of item report
  • Overall sales report

  • Overall purchase report

  • Overall sales return report

  • Overall purchase return report

All reports and transactions prints (Voucher Print) can be exported into Excel / Word or PDF.


  • Stock Management

  • Buyer and Supplier Management

  • Manage purchase and purchase return

  • Manage sales and sales return

  • Tax Management

  • View Reports/Charts

  • Generate Invoice

  • Generate Barcode

Store Management software is one of the most comprehensive retail management software solutions available globally that deliver increased productivity and ultimately widen profit margins.

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