30Jul, 2020

Institute Can Now Easily Take Test From Home

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Importance Of Online Examination System For Institutes Institutes, on hearing, the very own term means a firm or an association created to fulfill specific research on the educational filed and providing knowledge regarding high-level training to the students from their home for the better future and bright development of the [...]

20Jul, 2020

How Online Examination Software Will Be Beneficial For Distance Learning?

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Modernization of Examination System In the 21st century, lately, there have been many slopes in e-education as well. Many developed countries have accepted the theory of the online education system, they have accepted the assessment and designed their proper protocol. The online examination software is developed to assist the students [...]

10Jul, 2020

How to conduct exam virtually using smart online exam software

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Nowadays, the online classrooms and the online examinations are a new trend, and all thanks to the lockdown implied in the country due to COVID 19. These are the best solutions for educational institutions and their students to continue with their learning process. Not only are the lectures conducted on [...]

30Jun, 2020

How To Handle Product Lifecycle Management Easily With ERP?

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Product Lifecycle Management is an essential thing for any business. So today from here you get everything in detail about PLM(Product Lifecycle Management). And we will tell you how ERP helps you in this management process. The idea had been born nearly 1931 as stages of goods life and handling [...]

20Jun, 2020

Online Exam Software Vs Offline Exam Software Complete Guide

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The world is going through hard times and so is the education system. Thus it has become a need for every institute to adopt new reforms in their earlier systems may it be their exam patters or may it be their educating system. To adopt new reforms it is necessary [...]

10Jun, 2020

Digitize The Institute Using Online Examination Software

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Digitizing every product and service has become a need and not just the demand keeping in mind the current situation and COVID crisis. People are searching for everything online just to avoid getting out on the roads may it be grocery, any household product, and education is not an exception. [...]

22May, 2020

Remote Proctoring : Technology To Monitor Online Exams…

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As everyone knows whole world is going through a pandemic. Businesses are forces to work from home, students are not allowed to go for schools and colleges. Now in such crisis it is necessary to work from home. People from all over the world has started accepting the concept of [...]

8May, 2020

Great Examination Solution For Test Takers : Online Exam Software

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Nowadays it has become a necessary thing for any institute or coaching to get whole education online, because even children of very small age group uses internet very efficiently. So more preferably parents would advice their child to use internet and phone to learn some new skills and use device [...]