22May, 2020

Remote Proctoring : Technology To Monitor Online Exams…

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As everyone knows whole world is going through a pandemic. Businesses are forces to work from home, students are not allowed to go for schools and colleges. Now in such crisis it is necessary to work from home. People from all over the world has started accepting the concept of [...]

8May, 2020

Great Examination Solution For Test Takers : Online Exam Software

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Nowadays it has become a necessary thing for any institute or coaching to get whole education online, because even children of very small age group uses internet very efficiently. So more preferably parents would advice their child to use internet and phone to learn some new skills and use device [...]

24Apr, 2020

Save Your Time To Generate Question Paper Via Test Paper Generator Software

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Online Examination is the fastest growing way of taking and managing exams in the most convenient possible way for both examiners and people appearing for exam as well. There are few reasons that make online exams the fastest acceptable not only for private institutes and coaching but also for government [...]

15Apr, 2020

Conduct Objective & Subjective Assessments Using Online Exam Software

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To estimate students’ academic performance online examination is the procedure of conducting an objective or subjective exam. Before oral or written tests were performed by pen and paper and evaluations were made. In an exam hall students were gathered wherever they got a question paper and students write answers by [...]

3Apr, 2020

Store Management software | Why Is Important For Every Store

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What is Store Management Softwares? Store Management Software is more in demand nowadays. There are many different kinds of reason that proves the need for software that can manage a store. There can be two main purposes of adapting Store Management Software in your store: First, Store Management Software can [...]

21Mar, 2020

Give Exams from Home Through Exam Software | Online Study At Home

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WHO has declared coronavirus a global pandemic as it is rapidly spreading across the world. The Corona worldwide has changed the way we live, work, play and study. the schools, colleges, coaching centers are been shut down to maintain social distance and spread the virus. Looking at the present scenario [...]

17Mar, 2020

Tips for choosing the excellent Online Exam Software

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The online examination software is becoming one of the greatest effective ways of conducting examinations to students. For several, it has become an added source of profits as well as a new method of marketing to entice more leads. Though there is continually a hesitation on which software to use. [...]

4Mar, 2020

How Is Question Paper Generator Software Helpful For Improving The Examination System

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With evolving times, the process of question paper creation has also changed. New and modern techniques have replaced the conventional ones. The advent of question paper generation software has put an end to the monotonous and time-consuming manual process. A question paper generator is a software that generates question papers [...]