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White Labeling of Software refers to software manufactured by one company and used or resold by another as its own. Users can often modify the logo, colors, font, layout, and navigation to help the user apply a branded look and feel. White label software is often ready to go, with all the customizable features built in.


Advantages of using a White – Label Software:

  • White label software comes without branding. This means you can customize it with your own logo and theme to reflect your brand. You can then offer the product to your customers as part of your business.
  • While it is fully integrated, branding a white label solution is easy. You won’t need to worry about any development time and costs, or extensive research. The White label software comes with its sophisticated self-customization features.
  • Saves costs on IT infrastructure, development, and staff.
  • When licensed from the developer, the purchasing company can also opt to acquire re-seller rights which permit it to sell additional versions of the software, either with its own branding, or under the white label model.


White labeling is the practice of licensing software from a manufacturer, rebranding it, and selling it as a competing product from a different company.

At ConductExam, We offer you the white labeling of entire online exam software.

The purchasing party can add background images, logos, can customize the Test with the colors chosen, can even customize the colors of the Test next, previous and finish buttons, Test timer, choose your header background color that sits at the top of the page and much more.

We offer you easy to use and fully branded software.


ConductExam offers you with following Customization:

  • We offer 100% white labeled solutions
  • Logo of your firm on all candidate contact pages
  • Choice of background image across the spectrum of candidate’s test experience – candidate form page, instructions page, parent window, report page and test resume page
  • Favicon, that is visible on the browser tab alongside the page name
  • Header background, Button background and foreground color
  • You can manage multiple clients from your account and choose a different level of access for each one.



  1. 100% Your Own Brand Name
  2. Complete Hosting & Maintenance
  3. Resell Test Package at Your Own Price
  4. Saves costs on IT infrastructure, development, and staff
  5. Affordable with Minimal Upfront Costs
  6. 24/7 first class Support from our staff
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