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Student Authentication by Live Photo Capturing in Online Exam Process

Authentication - Conduct Exam

As the Internet usage has became an indispensable part of our daily routine and as everything goes online, a significant rise has been found in students appearing for online exams. Many Colleges and universities now offer online courses as replacements to the traditional classroom based face-to-face course.

Conduct Exam is and Online examination software that is highly interactive, customizable, trustworthy, secure, and can be accessed in multiple devices. Also multiple candidates can appear for the exam simultaneously from different locations. The software helps Educational Institutions, Corporate, Government and other leading organizations to conduct online assessments and surveys with ease. Students are generally provided with a Login Id and Password to appear for the online courses. However right from participation and attendance to cheating and plagiarism, confirming student identity is always a challenge in online exams.

ConductExam has evolved with a new feature of user authentication using web camera.

Once the student has login for the test, the software captures image/Photo of the student appearing for the exam. Records of the photographs captured during exam process are stored in the system for Identity verification.

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