6Mar, 2019

Online Exam Software Open Source Code

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Open source exam software's source code is released under a license in which the copyright holder allows users the rights to modify, and distribute the software to anyone and for exam purpose. Open-source exam software may be developed in a collaborative public manner. An open source software to create & [...]

5Mar, 2019

Importance Of Examination: Why Exam Is Necessary

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Importance Of Exam Many of the students get irritated when they heard the words of an exam because their exam mentality is very poor, maybe they don't know about the importance of exams. Generally, students give oral and written exams in their schools/colleges. They have a wrong belief like an exam [...]

27Feb, 2019

Pre Employment Assessment Test Types Which You Might Conduct

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The pre employment test is necessary to hire an employee. An employment test can help to choose a perfect candidate. As a recruiter or HR, you are responsible for hiring employees. First, let's see what is a pre employment test? Pre employment test is conducted by hr/recruiter. The pre-employment test [...]

22Feb, 2019

How To Improve Exam Results | Exam Performance And Technique

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Every student wants to get higher marks in an exam but sometimes, they fail to get the right guidance for exams so let's see simple strategies for improving test performance. These are quick guidelines for getting more score in exams which helps every student to give the best test performance. How [...]

21Feb, 2019

Why We Use Test Assessment Software?

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Generally, test assessment software is useful for conducting a test at various platforms such as schools/colleges and recruitment companies. Test assessment software reduces many of the tasks, especially for recruitment. This software manages subjective and objective test, authoritative and secured system, test assessment reporting, time and efforts. Today we will [...]

19Feb, 2019

Examination Management System Software For Educational Centers

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Examination Management System ConductExam software specifically developed to cover the in-depth functionality of online exam for educational centers such as school/ colleges, coaching, and training institutes. Exam management software reduces manpower by its automated tasks. Conduct exam has online applications and software as per user preference. One can manage different [...]

18Feb, 2019

Types Of Exams Are Conducted By Online Exam Software

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Exams are not depended on student's like and dislikes because it is a necessity to measure skill and ability so it is part of everyday life through the career. There are many types of tests regarding different purposes. Now, let's see each test types to judge the performance over exams. [...]

14Feb, 2019

How Online Exam System Works | Examination Software

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When examiner decided to take exams, it is essential to know about how the online examination software system works. These small outline briefs on the working of the online exam system. Online examination software is a platform to conduct exam online where examiner creates an account in exam software and [...]